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A black and white portrait of the brand's owner, Jui, who is an artist and graphic designer.


I am Jui.

It all started while doing my final year project about Indian Art History.


Art is not essential, they say, but I feel it is. In the early civilizations, people had many artifacts, and along with those, they also decorated things that they used daily, like pots etc. Today, those very artifacts tell a story, making them an essential part of our story - history. 


Making things beautiful through lines and forms is what drives me. Designing things, small or big, in an artistic way is the A Dot style. 

Starting from an Instagram page with my illustrations, and later converting those into lifestyle products has been a fabulous journey! 


Here’s to continuing that journey by connecting as many dots as possible and making you all a part of the journey with a uniquely designed product range. Cheers!

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